“Marvels & Monsters” Symposium in the News

“Marvels & Monsters: A Symposium on Asian Images in Comics and Graphic Narratives” was presented April 23 at the Charles B. Wang Center, and reporters from the Stony Brook Statesman were there:

The interesting topics that [Keynote Speaker Dr. Min Hyoung] Song highlighted were what the audience was looking for. Numerous audience members, who were taking notes on the free notepads provided to them at the front desk of the symposium, asked various questions surrounding the ideals Song covered. Although Song was not able to fully answer every question, it was clear why he was chosen as the keynote speaker for the event. His enthusiasm for the field of comic works manifests itself into a character who is willing to inform others of different ways comics can be interpreted, but someone who is also open to different points of views from which he can learn.

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Visit the Symposium Website and Research Guide for more information.

Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

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Janet Clarke
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