Commitment to Equity, Inclusion, Diversity & Accessibility at the University Libraries

Our Mission

Attendees at the Africana Studies 50th Anniversary Commemoration
Attendees at the Africana Studies 50th Anniversary Commemoration (November 2018)

Respect for diversity is a fundamental value of Stony Brook University and the University Libraries, and is identified among the core values of our strategic growth. Working in parallel with the Office of the SBU’s Chief Diversity Officer the University Libraries Committee on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity will strive to:

  • build, preserve, and provide access to rich and diverse collections
  • recommend policies and projects that embed diversity and inclusion into the Libraries’ services and work environments
  • envision events that build cultural awareness and provide the tools needed to strengthen work relationships and build a supportive SBU community
  • increase awareness and sensitivity among library staff
  • develop responsive library spaces for diverse user communities

Diversity , Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Team (Current)

Students and faculty standing behind table
Committee members and students at the Women of Color in Medicine Panel (March 2019)
  • Chair: Sunny Chung, Health Sciences Librarian
  • Vice Chair: TBD
  • Advisor: Mona Ramonetti, Head of Scholarly Communication
  • Chrysovalantou Tsoumpelis, Instructional Support Technician
  • Christine Fena, Undergraduate Success Librarian
  • Chris Kretz, Head of Academic Engagement
  • Sandra Stelter, Instructional Support Associate
  • Tim Kohn, Resource Sharing Coordinator

Past Committees


  • Chair: Victor Santiago
  • Past Chair: Claire Payne
  • River Amin
  • Christine Fena
  • Stacey Horath
  • Chris Kretz
  • Mona Ramonetti
  • Shay De La Cruz Coronado (student)
  • Katherine Heredia (student)


  • Chair: Claire Payne
  • Vice-Chair: Victor Santiago
  • Christine Fena
  • Stacey Horath
  • Chris Kretz
  • Jay Levenson
  • Nicki Loder
  • Mona Ramonetti
  • Caterina Reed
  • Laurel Scheinfeld
  • Shay De La Cruz Coronado


  • Chair: Stacey Horath
  • Vice-Chair: Claire Payne
  • Chris Kretz
  • Jay Levenson
  • Nicki Loder
  • Mona Ramonetti
  • Laurel Scheinfeld


  • Chair: Mona Ramonetti
  • Steven Berbig
  • Anastasia Chiu
  • Stacey Horath
  • Jessica Koos
  • Chris Kretz
  • Jay Levenson
  • Raquel Lynn
  • Suzanne Natsch
  • Victoria Pilato


Speakers at the UNITI forum
Speakers at the Black History Month UNITI Forum (February 2019)
Reception at the panel discussion of “Chinese Food, Identity, and Diasporic Memory” (September 2018)
A full house for a reading and discussion of Dr. Msia Kibona Clark’s Hip-Hop in Africa: Prophets of the City and Dustyfoot Philosophers (February 2019)