Upcoming Dryad Digital Repository Workshop for Stony Brook Researchers - Are you looking for a place to store and share your research data? Then Dryad may be just the solution you need!  The Dryad Digital Repository provides a secure generalist platform for users to share their research data with the
Stony Brook University Libraries’ New Subscription to the New York Times - Stony Brook University has a new subscription to the New York Times website and mobile app. The subscription offers complimentary digital access to the New York Times for all Stony Brook University faculty, staff and students. This powerful digital resource
“The many complicated ways how ice forms in the atmosphere” - Curious about how ice crystals form in the atmosphere? Spend an hour with our STEM speaker, Dr. Daniel Knopf, Full Professor of School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences with an affiliated appointment in the Department of Chemistry. Date/Time: Tuesday, September
Dan’s Papers’ History on View at SBU’s Southampton Library - Memorabilia, books, photographs, and newspapers featuring the history of Dan’s Papers is currently on display at Stony Brook’s Southampton Library. The Dan’s Papers archive is part of Stony Brook’s Special Collections, the library division that stewards and curates the university’s
The Human Library is Coming - On November 1st, SBU Libraries and its partners will be hosting the Human Library® from 1-4 pm in the Central Reading Room. This is an in-person event designed to challenge stereotypes and prejudice through open dialogue between real people. We