Return or Renew - Before the end of the semester, remember to RETURN or RENEW any items you’ve borrowed from the library.  Students must be registered for an upcoming semester to be able to renew.  You can renew online, over the phone, or in
Dr. Chi-Kuo Hu on “Stopping the clock of life – diapause and its ability to suspend and preserve life” - On November 15, 2022 Dr. Chi-Kuo Hu shared his intriguing research on better understanding life with audiences at the University Libraries. Interested in learning about phases in our life, Dr. Hu studies the African killifish’s dormant state, which is called
In recognition of our graduating student employees - Our student employees are valuable members of our team. When they graduate, we want to recognize their contributions to the University Libraries and thank them for their hard work. One way we do that is by placing bookplates in a