Stony Brook’s Trial of Data Planet - Data Planet is a repository of harmonized and structured statistical data. With this dynamic tool, users can scan and search the contents of billions of datasets, compare and contrast variables of interest, and create customized views in tables, maps, rankings,
Stony Brook’s Trial of Statista - Statista is a database with access to over a million statistics across 80,000+ topics and 170+ disciplines. All statistics are downloadable and presented in accessible and digestible articles and graphics. For more information, see their overview video here. Stony Brook
Chancellor’s Award Celebration – Jessica Koos receives medal for Excellence in Librarianship - On November 9th, President McInnis awarded Jessica Koos with her medal and certificate for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship. Jessica has been a Health Sciences Librarian at Stony Brook since 2017 and has contributed to the research, teaching,