Upcoming Dryad Digital Repository Workshop for Stony Brook Researchers - Are you looking for a place to store and share your research data? Then Dryad may be just the solution you need!  The Dryad Digital Repository provides a secure generalist platform for users to share their research data with the
Subscription to APA PsycTests - Stony Brook University Libraries has a new subscription to APA PsycTests. APA PsycTests is a database of psychological tests and measures designed for use with social and behavioral science research. It provides test types including test batteries, questionnaires, rating scales,
Stony Brook University Libraries is Partnering with Ithaka S+R on “Making AI Generative for Higher Education” - Stony Brook University Libraries is excited to announce we will be partnering with Ithaka S+R and a cohort of select other universities on a new multi-year research project titled Making AI Generative for Higher Education. Leading this initiative is the