University Libraries offers entertaining and engaging events during New Seawolf Welcome Week August 16-22! - Welcome Week is an opportunity for our new students to get acclimated to the University, learn about resources to support their success, and most importantly get to know each other and members of our campus community.  The University Libraries is taking
Stony Brook Medicine Healthy Libraries Program recognized for being a community resource - The work of bringing high quality health services and resources to our local communities by Stony Brook librarians, faculty, and interns associated with the The Stony Brook Medicine Healthy Libraries Program (HeLP) has been recognized by CBS news. The Stony
Paul Offit Announced as the 2021 Antonija Prelec Visiting Scholar - Registration is now open! Dr. Offit’s lecture, You Bet Your Life: The Long, Risky History of Medical Innovation, is open to all and will be held in the Wang Center Theater 20th September 2021 3:00-4:00pm with a live stream available.

Health Sciences Events