The Ready for Success Information Literacy Project hosted field trips from Brentwood High School in December and January. Over 200 students attended with their ELA, Engineering, and Social Work classes.

We were very impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and engagement with the learning materials.  Many of the students were excited to be on a college campus and surprised at how friendly and supportive this environment could be.  They enjoyed lunch in the SAC food court, too!

We discussed lateral reading, paywalls, researched careers, and explored a variety of academic databases, including those that index historical newspapers, current newspapers, scholarly articles, and oral history videos. Students participated in group activities, breakout box games, browsed in the science collection, and had fun getting free “merch” when participating in our discussions.

One student reflected, “This has been a mind opening experience considering that I have had second thoughts on putting off college but, I loved this experience and it certainly isn’t one I will forget.”  Read more about these visits on the Ready for Success website.

This project is supported by a generous grant from the William E. & Maude S. Pritchard Charitable Trust.

Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
email: janet.clarke@stonybrook.edu
Janet Clarke
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