Places to Study

Stony Brook University Libraries feature a range of study environments. From individual study carrels to technology-enhanced collaboration spaces, we have a place for your study needs. See our Libraries & Hours page for directions, contact information, and hours for each area.

Frank Melville, Jr. Memorial Library

North Reading Room
The North Reading Room is the center of research and instruction in the Library. It features a 40-seat Learning Lab and full technology integration including printing, scanning, and screen sharing. The North Reading Room is a collaborative area with individual, pair, and group seating configurations.

  • computer workstations: 44 seats
  • outlets: 700+
  • collaborative group study rooms: 12
  • seats: 600+

Second Floor Core

The Second Floor Core is accessible through the North Reading Room and is a quiet study area. This section of the library houses the Science & Engineering books, bound and current journals, the Reference Collection, the Maps Collection, and Government Information.

  • solo study rooms: 4
  • seats: 171

Central Reading Room
The Central Reading Room features a 100-person capacity event space, 2 classroom instructional spaces, a reading nook that offers current newspapers and popular magazines, and full technology integration including printing, scanning, and screen sharing. The Central Reading Room is a collaborative area with individual, pair, and group seating configurations.

  • computer workstations: 46 seats
  • outlets: 500+
  • graduate study rooms: 7
  • collaborative group study rooms: 4
  • seats: 242

Located on the first floor of the library, the Galleria is a light-filled corridor with four-story high ceilings and large sky lights. The Galleria features a pop-up directional desk during peak traffic times and is a bustling collaborative area.

  • cafe tables: 32 seats
  • benches: 12 seats
  • outlets: 9

Main Stacks
The Main Stacks are on the third floor and feature circulating books, DVDs and videos. Circulation and Interlibrary loan are located in the Main Stacks. The Main Stacks are a quiet study area.

  • small study tables: 56 seats
  • study carrels: 199 seats
  • lounge chairs: 4
  • outlets: 276+

Music Library
The Music Library is on the first floor and includes music media, scores, books and other resources.

  • listening stations: 52 seats
  • Mac computer stations: 14 seats
  • Dell computer stations: 5 seats
  • small study tables: 32 seats
  • large study tables: 14 seats
  • lounge chairs: 9 seats

Study Rooms

The Library offers different types of study rooms to meet the needs of our patrons. In the North and Central Reading rooms, there are collaborative study rooms which are intended to provide an area in the Library where Stony Brook University students, faculty, and staff members can work and study as a group. There are also 4 individual study rooms (Core Study Rooms) available in the North Reading Room for solo study.  The Central Reading Room boasts 7 Graduate Study rooms for graduate students.

Study Rooms are available to students with a valid SBU ID. Information about the study room policies can be found online.  The study rooms must be booked online. For more information about study rooms, please inquire at the North Reading Room service desk or call 631-632-7148.

Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library is located on the third floor of the Health Sciences Tower, and is the home of health sciences and biomedical research, teaching, learning and clinical/patient information resources.

  • computer workstations: 22
  • study carrels: 184
  • lounge chairs & sofas: 13 seats
  • small study tables: 40 seats
  • group study tables: 260 seats
  • outlets: 600+

Southampton Library

The Stony Brook Southampton Library is a LEED-certified “green” building located on the bucolic Stony Brook Southampton campus.

  • computer workstations: 26 seats
  • group study tables: 47 seats
  • study carrels: 15 seats
  • lounge chairs/sofas/ cushioned seating: 26 seats
  • group study rooms: 2

Chemistry Library

The Chemistry Library is on the second floor of the Chemistry building.

  • computer workstations: 8 seats
  • small study tables: 66 seats
  • study carrels: 5 seats
  • lounge chairs: 8 seats

Mathematics/Physics/Astronomy Library

The Mathematics/Physics/Astronomy Library is on the C floor of the Physics building.

  • computer workstations: 12 seats
  • small study tables: 99 seats
  • study carrels: 14 seats
  • lounge chairs/sofas/cushioned seating: 9 seats