Tech Spotlight: Quizlet

Take your studying into the 21st century with Quizlet <>!  This innovative website and app allows students and teachers to leave behind old-school flashcards and move into the interactive studying of the future.  Using the website, students and teachers worldwide are creating vocabulary and knowledge sets for a huge variety of subjects: from cosmetology to foreign language, from US history to biology.  After signing up for a free account, you can make your own or use others’ sets to study with a more traditional online flashcard, by typing the answer to questions, by spelling a word after listening to it, or by taking a site-generated test.  They also have two kinds of fun learning games that makes study time challenging but stress-free.  Students can create a learning plan by entering the date of an upcoming test – Quizlet will remind you of how much you have to study before the test date!  For teachers, you can use your Quizlets to create in-class games called “Quizlet Live” – students can log in on a phone or computer and play collaboratively with team members as a review activity in class.  The app allows access to all the same functions as the website, so you can carry your studies anywhere.


Example of a Quizlet study set.

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