Tech Spotlight: Khan Academy

Wouldn’t it be great if you learned something and it just… stayed in your brain?  Forever?  Sadly, learning doesn’t always stay with us, and sometimes you just don’t “get it” the first time you study something.  While usually we have teachers, friends, and tutors to help us keep our brains fit, sometimes you need a little more assistance.


Khan Academy <> is a great, free online resource that provides quality educational materials for students.  They cover a variety of topics, including math, history, computer science, grammar, health and medicine, test prep (GMAT, SAT, etc.). They even cover more personal topics like personal finance, careers, and getting into college.  Each topic includes video lectures and practices to review what you just learned.  You can sign up for a learner’s account to help you track your progress and set learning goals.  Combined with other learning methods, Khan Academy is a great way to review and reinforce things you studied (or already forgot!) from your classes!


An example of the Grammar section of Khan Azademy’s website, featuring topics covered.

Carolyn Brooks

Carolyn Brooks

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Carolyn Brooks is an intern in the University Libraries Research and User Engagement department.
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