Tech Spotlight: Kahoot!

A little competition always gets the blood running – whether it’s competition with your classmates or with yourself.


Kahoot! quizzes and jumble-puzzles with pictures, music, and other fancy features.  You can also browse the thousands of Kahoot! puzzles that have already been created by other users. Traditional Kahoot! quizzes are multiple-choice, and the new Jumble! puzzles ask competitors to put answers into the correct order.


After creating an awesome quiz, bring it into your study session or classroom.  The person who runs the quiz opens it through their browser on a shared screen.  The quiz displays a PIN number.  Participants go to Kahoot! using their browser on any internet-connected device and enter the PIN.  No installation or user accounts, just a simple web page and PIN number.  After entering the PIN, the participant’s device turns into a remote control allowing them to answer the questions for that quiz!


The questions are displayed on the main screen, and participants answer by clicking the answer on their device.  Each player is scored based on their answer and the time it took to complete the question.  Scores and standings are displayed after each question.  After playing as a group, you can play again on your own against your “ghost” – essentially playing against your own previous performance!


Carolyn Brooks

Carolyn Brooks

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Carolyn Brooks is an intern in the University Libraries Research and User Engagement department.
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