Welcome to our Music Library Volunteer

We welcome Music Library volunteer Samuel Wallach to the University Libraries!  Samuel graduated in May 2022 with a major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and a Music minor. He is also a talented pianist, composer and percussionist. (Some footage of his solo performance in 2017 is available on YouTube, and his appearance with the University Orchestra was featured in the local news.)

Samuel recently engaged in a short-term writing project with the Head of the Music Library, Gisele Schierhorst. For the past several weeks he has studied and written brief essays about particular music score facsimiles that are housed in the Music Library’s Seminar Room. These essays will be shared in future library posts. Thank you Samuel for your dedicated work and best wishes toward your future endeavors!

Music Library volunteer Samuel Wallach (r) with music librarian Gisele Schierhorst.

Gisele Schierhorst

Gisele Schierhorst

Head, Music Library at Stony Brook University Libraries
Gisele is the Head of the Music Library. She is the liaison to Music, Africana Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology.
email: gisele.schierhorst@stonybrook.edu
Gisele Schierhorst

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