Studying for a licensing exam? Board Vitals is Perfect for You!

Do you want to pass your board exams? Check out our BoardVitals page! Register a free account and get the most up-to-date medical education materials on the market!

BoardVitals is a physician-run company that covers many of the board and certification exams for  physicians, nurses, physician assistants and more.

What makes BoardVitals unique?

  • Updated explanations (to help you fully understand the question)
  • Content updates made every 24-48 hours based on user feedback
  • Detailed feedback and assessment (to track your progress by subject area)
  • A determination of the difficulty of the question (based on an assessment of how your peers did with the same question)
  • Dashboards that help you compare yourself to the national pass rate for board and certification exam
  • Full-length practice exams
  • Timed mode to simulate real test conditions
  • Helpful study tips
  • Convenient study guides (to further fine-tune your understanding of the test material)
  • Updated blog entries offering additional study tips and other useful information that cover the most recent changes to exam formats

Post contributed by Veronica Trama – Health Sciences Library Intern

Jamie Saragossi

Jamie Saragossi

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Jamie is the Head of the Health Sciences Library. She is the liaison to Medical Humanities, Social Welfare, and Dental Medicine.
Jamie Saragossi
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