Tech Spotlight: Dropbox

With so much information to remember for so many classes, organizing all of your notes and papers can be hard! Never mind the nightmare of having your laptop die or break right in the middle of all your hard work.


Dropbox is an easy to use file hosting service that automatically saves and syncs photos, documents, videos and other files all in one place across any device. Dropbox can be accessed by app and by website on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Dropbox also simplifies sharing with a link for each file. And by creating a shared folder, multiple people can work on the same project at the same time without having to send it back and forth. Get started with your first two gigabytes of free storage and upgrade later for more space and features!


Kaitlyn Colgan

Kaitlyn Colgan

Intern at University Libraries
Kaitlyn was previously a library intern in the department of Research & User Engagement.
Kaitlyn Colgan

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