Tech Spotlight: Internet Restriction Apps

It’s the end of the semester. Papers, projects, finals are all piled up and deadlines are approaching. It’s not that you can’t do the work. It’s just that it’s so hard to get off Facebook!


You’re certainly not alone. People spend so much time procrastinating on the internet that companies have begun creating internet restriction apps. These are programs you can install on your computer to block websites, or even the internet entirely!


Some top internet restriction websites are FreedomSelf-Control and Cold Turkey. Self-Control and Cold Turkey allow users to block specific websites for a specific period of time for free. Freedom allows users to block certain apps on their iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows computers.


So stop distracting yourself with this blog, and get to work!


Kaitlyn Colgan

Kaitlyn Colgan

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Kaitlyn was previously a library intern in the department of Research & User Engagement.
Kaitlyn Colgan

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