Tech Spotlight: Wired-Marker

One of the biggest problems that we as students have is keeping track of all the fascinating information that we find floating around the internet!  With a book, it’s easy to circle, star, or flag important information that you need to find later, but you certainly can’t do that on a web page… or can you?  One of the most interesting and useful Firefox add-ons does just that.  It’s called Wired-Marker <> and can be accessed either through their website or through the add-ons page as accessed through the Firefox “Tools” menu.  Wired-Marker is, at its most basic level, a permanent website highlighter.  By selecting and right-clicking the text on the webpage, you will have a permanent highlight that can be tagged, organized, and accessed by opening the website again later or by using the built-in browser toolbar.  You can assign different colors to different projects, do a full-text search of anything that’s been highlighted, and even save images!  No matter what happens, that highlight will always be there as long as you use that same browser.  It’s like a combination of bookmarking service, highlighter, and scrapbook.  A fantastic tool for anyone who uses the internet to do research of any kind!


An example of Wired-Marker multi-color highlighting on a webpage and browser toolbar.

Carolyn Brooks

Carolyn Brooks

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Carolyn Brooks was previously an intern in the University Libraries Research and User Engagement department.
Carolyn Brooks

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