University Libraries in Conversation: MLA Convention

Yesterday afternoon the University Libraries hosted faculty members from a variety of disciplines in a conversation about the 2017 Modern Language Association Convention in Philadelphia.  Faculty members discussed their conference presentations and shared their thoughts on the value and changing role of the MLA Convention in the profession.


This event was a wonderful opportunity to engage with the breadth of modern languages disciplines, and to see connections between work in disparate fields.


The Libraries thank all of our faculty presenters– Elyse Graham, Aurélie Vialette, Daniela Flesler, EK Tan, Timothy August, Celia Marshik, and Peter Manning– and look forward to more interdisciplinary events celebrating scholarly exchange.



Kate Kasten-Mutkus

Kate Kasten-Mutkus

Head of Humanities & Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries
Kate is Head of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries. She is the liaison to the French & Francophone Studies program and the Russian Studies program.
Kate Kasten-Mutkus
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