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Fernando Amador Presents, “The Mexican Restaurants of NYC”

On November 4th, Fernando Amador presented, “The Mexican Restaurants of New York City,” as a virtual event offered by the Center for Digital Humanities at Stony Brook University Libraries. A PhD candidate in the History Department, Fernando completed an internship

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Jon Heggestad Discusses Data Visualizations at the Center for Digital Humanities

Jon Heggestad, PhD Candidate in the English Department, presented, ” Developing Data Visualizations for Humanities Research,” via Zoom to an audience of students, faculty, and staff. Jon completed an internship at the library’s Center for Digital Humanities during the Spring

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Graduate Interns Join the Center for Digital Humanities

This spring, the Center for Digital Humanities will host two graduate student interns. They will work with the University Libraries’ Digital Humanities Working Group, providing expertise, instruction, and consultations within the CDH. Jon Heggestad is a fourth-year PhD candidate in

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MLA/AHA Forum Held at SBU Libraries

On February 12th, the University Libraries welcomed scholars from English, History, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to present the talks they’d given at the Modern Language Association and American Historical Association conferences held in January. Many thanks to all

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Literary Karaoke Held in Honor of Veterans Day & Military Appreciation Month

Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the library yesterday to honor Veterans Day and Military Appreciation Month with a literary karaoke event. Participants were invited to read texts written by or about veterans or members of the military, and to

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Center for Digital Humanities Opens at SBU Libraries

At a November 7th ribbon cutting event, Stony Brook University Libraries officially opened its Center for Digital Humanities as a space for research, teaching, and learning in all disciplines related to the practice of the digital humanities. The ribbon cutting event

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Murph Challenge Week Events Held at SBU Libraries

On May 4th, the Stony Brook University Office of Veterans Affairs sponsored the Murph Challenge, in memory of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan.  In honor of this event, the library held a film screening of

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Dr. Paul Firbas Presents “Lima Newssheets” at SBU Libraries

On March 24th, Dr. Paul Firbas (Associate Professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature) presented his research on the history and circulation of newssheets in early modern Lima. With his research team, Dr. Firbas has created digital maps

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Streaming Video at SBU Libraries

Stony Brook University Libraries has streaming video resources to support your research and teaching in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Health Sciences. Check out our video databases to learn more. Videos from these databases can be viewed

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Panel Discussion in Honor of Women’s History Month

The library collaborated with the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to host an interdisciplinary panel discussion on issues related to #MeToo as part of the library’s programming in honor of Women’s History Month. The panel was moderated by

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