Pi-Day Honors the Delicious Side of Mathematics

Stony Brook University Libraries kicked off Pi-Day a little early again this year asigns a nod to the irrational
side of the symbol known as Pi, and also because the true Pi-Day – today – falls on spring break.  The event drew interest from Pi and pie enthusiasts alike, who were eager to try their luck in our circle themed contests and walk away with some prizes and free pie! Complimentary circular buttons were also distributed so we could all unite and celebrate this mathematical holiday together, even if it was a little premature. Educational brochures that enlightened readers with information regarding titles in our collection related to Pi (and pie) were also made available for all interested.

Contest Results:

Pi-ku – For those who are filled with poetic enthusiasm regarding Pi or pie, we proposed a challenge to see who could compose the best haiku about either subject.  We weren’t expecting much but were surprised by the impressive results that began coming in as the event proceeded.  We wished there were prizes enough for all participants, but this year’s prize for this competition went to the author of the following pi-ku masterpiece.

Sights of snow are gone

sunlight hitting pavement – now

is the time for pie.

Thanks to everyone who put forth such a creative effort!








Circle Themed Crossword Puzzle – These puzzles were particularly popular.  Students who felt confident about their circle terminology were encouraged to attempt a crossword puzzle that tested their knowledge of the shape.  All successfully completed puzzles were included in a drawing, with the winner earning a gift card to Barnes and Noble!  There were many entries, but in the end only one participant came away with the prize!


Naming the most consecutive digits that make up Pi – Everyone knows the first few numbers of Pi (3.14, hence the date of the celebration), some even know the full amount rounded up by our calculators.  Quite a few participants attempted to go beyond this by really showing they meant business by naming 12 or more correct digits of this mathematical constant.  However, the clear winner, in a record we defy next year’s participants to beat, correctly identified the first 101 digits of Pi! That left us so impressed and mentally fatigued just thinking about how she did it that we consoled ourselves with a few slices of pie.


Mathletes and Foodies were brought together on this very special day to pay tribute to a very special mathematical constant.  We enjoyed good food while discussing the fun of mathematics together.  We played games and took part in friendly competition before departing for spring break.  We hope you all will find or create similar excuses, whenever possible, to come together to celebrate learning, social interaction, and pie!   Until next year, remember not to be square!





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