SBU Hospital CEO Recognizes Pop-Up in Library

Reuven Pasternak, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Stony Brook University Hospital hosts his own blog to recognize and highlight achievements throughout the hospital and medical schools. These blog posts usually focus on the clinical departments and achievements within the hospital.  Today’s post however was unique in that it mentions the Pop-Up Innovation Lab that was recently hosted in the Health Sciences Library!

Dr. Pasternak expressed the importance of sharing the Innovation Lab’s new technologies including the 3d printer and printed medical devices that were on display.  The Pop-Up Lab and its introduction to new technologies was credited as providing an entrepreneurial spirit on east campus!

Read Dr. Pasternak’s full blog post here.

Jamie Saragossi

Jamie Saragossi

Head of Health Sciences Library at Stony Brook University Libraries
Jamie is the Head of the Health Sciences Library. She is the liaison to Medical Humanities, Social Welfare, and Dental Medicine.
Jamie Saragossi
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