Mathletes & Foodies Rejoice! Pi-Day Returns to the Library

We can’t wait for Monday, we’re starting our Pi-day celebration this Friday, March 11th in the Melville Library Galleria! Stop by the Galleria Information Desk for a FREE slice of pie and enter to win numerous contests for a chance to win Barnes and Noble gift cards! Think you can name the most consecutive numbers in the sequence known as Pi? Are you a circle aficionado who could ace a crossword puzzle made up of circle terms? Ever feel poetically inspired by Pi (or pie) and are dying to write a haiku (pi-ku) about it? Learn more HERE!

Pi-day, traditionally celebrated on March 14th (3.14) is a day to honor the irrational number that is popularly rounded off to 3.14159, as well as all things mathematical. To those who are not familiar with Pi, the word is more readily associated with pie, the delicious fruit-filled pastry.  We’re excited to honor both Pi and pie on Friday, being equally enthusiastic about both!  We hope this inconsitency will not infuriate any devout fans of this constant number!


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