First SBU Library Board Game Revealed

As if you needed another great reason to love your library!To further prove that we are “More Than Just Books”, Stony Brook University Libraries have been spending the summer months crafting a line of library themed board games, based on some of the classics that we all know and love.  The first, which will be released early this fall, is Where’s Wolfie.  With a concept borrowed from the classic Parker Brothers favorite Clue, Where’s Wolfie is a fun yet challenging game that requires players to become a detective and track down our missing mascot Wolfie, who was last seen studying in the library.  Form your own strategy as you collect evidence from other players and be the first to solve the mystery of what Wolfie is studying, in which Library Branch, using which resource.  Click here to learn more about this game and others that will soon be come to our Central Reading Room.

These games were created to give our students a stress-relieving activity to participate in as a break to their studies and research in the library. They will also be used to promote the American Library Association’s International Games Day this November.

Why games in libraries?

Libraries are about sharing culture and information, and games are a form of culture that you often have to share – you often can’t experience them without another player!

They’re also good for brain health, and foster important life skills like socialization, theory of mind and systems literacy. Plus, they’re fun!

Whether video games, tabletop games, social games or other kinds of games, they’re all a part of culture whose importance is only becoming clearer with time. And that means we need to foster the kind of smart engagement that libraries support, for games as well as books.



Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Janet Clarke
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