Art in Focus Recap

The Art in Focus Lecture Series got off to a riveting start last night with a talk from Susan Davidson and Carol Stringari of the Guggenheim Museum. The topic was the conservation of Jackson Pollock’s 1947 masterpiece, Alchemy.   Susan

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New Acquisition: 1775 Brookhaven Land Deed Signed by Culper Spy

Special Collections has an exciting new acquisition just in time for Culper Spy Day: an original manuscript land deed signed by Culper Spy Ring member Caleb Brewster and Justus Roe, brother of spy Austin Roe, transferring land from Selah Hulse

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SBU Libraries’ Southampton Library Says Goodbye to Summer with Six-Word Stories.

The SBU Southampton Library recently brought a popular activity back for an encore: the six-word story. Since the first project’s theme was “Spring”, we decided to keep the seasonal cycle going with “Summer”. Our students had a lot to say without many

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Tech Spotlight: Dropbox

With so much information to remember for so many classes, organizing all of your notes and papers can be hard! Never mind the nightmare of having your laptop die or break right in the middle of all your hard work.  

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Kristen Nyitray interviewed in TBR News Media

Director of Special Collections, Kristen Nyitray, was recently interviewed for an article by TBR News Media. Nyitray is photographed with a letter by Nathaniel Woodhull, one of four letters that will be on display during Culper Spy Day. From the article,

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University Libraries Presents: STEM Speaker Series, Dr. Krishna Veeramah

The University Libraries is pleased to announce its second lecture of the fall 2017 STEM Speakers Series presented by Dr. Krishna Veeramah, Department of Ecology and Evolution. His talk, “Ancient European Dog Genomes Reveal Continuity Since the Early Neolithic” will

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Tech Spotlight: Kahoot!

A little competition always gets the blood running – whether it’s competition with your classmates or with yourself.   Kahoot! quizzes and jumble-puzzles with pictures, music, and other fancy features.  You can also browse the thousands of Kahoot! puzzles that

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Come Learn the Art of Alchemy at Southampton

The Southampton library is proud to help kick off SBU Libraries Art in Focus series with a lecture on a fascinating topic: the restoration of Jackson Pollock’s 1947 painting Alchemy.   Please join us Tuesday, September 12th at 7 pm

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Welcome Back, Southampton!

Welcome back to all of our OT, PT, Health Informatics, SOMAS, and MFA students! And in a few days, we’ll say hello to the new Health Administration program. It’s an exciting time to be on the Southampton campus and we

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University Libraries celebrate CommUniversity Day

Stony Brook University’s first CommUniversity Day is Saturday, September 23 from 12pm to 4pm on the Academic Mall. Arising out of the campus Plan for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, the event will showcase the many facets of the campus community.   Themed neighborhoods

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