Dr. Crystal Fleming Discusses White Supremacy in France

As part of the University Libraries’ programming in honor of Black History Month, Dr. Crystal Fleming discussed her recent book, Resurrecting Slavery: Racial Legacies and White Supremacy in France.  Her talk focused on the ways in which French history and culture inform contemporary attitudes toward race and racism.  The event, which provoked a rich and multidisciplinary discussion, was attended by both students and faculty members.



The University Libraries look forward to the next event in our series honoring Black History Month, a lecture by Dr. Jarvis Watson entitled, “‘Black Minds Matter’: Engaging, Educating, and Empowering our Black Students.”  This event will take place on 2/21 at 3pm in the Special Collections Seminar Room on the second floor of Melville Library.  Find more information here.

Kate Kasten

Kate Kasten

Head of Humanities & Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries
Kate is Head of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries. She is the liaison to the French & Francophone Studies program and the Russian Studies program.
email: kathleen.kasten@stonybrook.edu
Kate Kasten
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