Working Groups

Access Services Working Group

The Access Services working group focuses on issues surrounding policies and procedures related to circulation, reserves, and interlibrary loan. The working group seeks to enhance services and facilitate access to the resources at the Stony Brook University Libraries.


Membership: Jennifer DeVito (primary contact), Diane Englot, Christopher Larson, Lisa Miller and Giulieta Stoianov.

Scholarly Communication Working Group

The Scholarly Communication Working Group acts to support the mission of the Center for Scholarly Communication and provides expertise, information and resources to authors, researchers and students:


  • Meeting public access mandates;
  • Promoting and teaching scholarly communication skills, practice and tools to the academic community through workshops, events, course-integrated instruction and discussion
  • Understanding the dynamic scholarly publishing environment and leveraging author’s copyright
  • Utilizing open access for the sharing and discovery of scholarship, research and data.

Membership: Darren Chase (primary contact), Laura Costello, Shafeek Fazal, Kate Kasten, Bob Tolliver, Clara Tran.

Lead Selectors Working Group

The Lead Selectors Working Group guides the development and preservation of a rich and diverse network of scholarly, cultural and informational resources in support of the University’s mission of excellence in scholarship, research, teaching, creativity, health care and economic and technological development. The working group supports the University’s teaching and research missions locally and globally by:


  • Providing leadership for the creation of a resource-rich scholarly environment
  • Implementing a framework for acquiring and preserving world-class scholarly collections
  • Assessing and anticipating the needs of a constantly evolving learning and research community

Membership: Darren Chase, Shafeek Fazal, Kate Kasten, Heath Martin (primary contact), Kristen Nyitray, Jamie Saragossi, Bob Tolliver

Liaison Working Group

The Liaison Working Group enhances scholarly productivity and student achievement, and actively engages in all aspects of SBU’s research and learning life cycles.


Membership: Janet Clarke (primary contact), Laura Costello, Claudia McGivney.

Digital Initiatives Working Group

The University Libraries’ Digital Initiatives Working Group provides leadership and direction on digital initiatives and associated IT infrastructure and resources. The Group reviews requests, makes decisions on approval, and sets priorities for digital projects, including but not limited to projects in digitization, digital exhibits, and discovery services.


Membership: Darren Chase, Shafeek Fazal (primary contact), Heath Martin, Kristen Nyitray, Victoria Pilato.

Virtual Presence Steering Group

The Virtual Presence Steering Group provides guidance for the development, management, and ongoing assessment of the University Libraries’ virtual presence, including all web and mobile platforms. The Group defines and prioritizes strategies for making the most effective use of the web and mobile environments, focusing on innovation and user satisfaction.


Membership: Darren Chase, Laura Costello, Shafeek Fazal (primary contact), and Dana Haugh.

Communications/Social Media Working Group

The Communications/Social Media Working Group coordinates and oversees the Library’s full-range of publicity and communications strategies for consistent messaging and branding of the Libraries’ resources, services, and programs in support of the library’s strategic direction for greater campus relevance and library branding. This group also oversee the Library’s social media activity, engaging with patrons and the larger online community and identifying new ways to increase the visibility of the Library’s social media profile.


Membership: Vincent Clark, Janet Clarke, Shafeek Fazal, Dana Haugh (primary contact), Lisa Miller, Brenda Polis, Jamie Saragossi, and Christopher Sauerwald