University Libraries Statement on Violence Against Asian and Asian-American Communities

March, 2021

The University Libraries strongly supports President McInnis’ March 17th statement against Anti-Asian Violence and Racism, and embraces our community members across campus who have been impacted by the anti-Asian sentiment and xenophobia that has increased across our country this last year.  We stand together in solidarity with our community in condemning the acts of racism, misogyny, hate and violence against the Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, and embrace the ideals expressed within our Statement of Community.

We ask that you join us in our efforts to combat these hateful acts by working to end violence and ignorance through reporting, training, education and by acknowledging and raising awareness of the negative effects and trauma such harmful acts have on our communities, and humanity.

In Solidarity, University Libraries.

Resources to Explore:

For more on the University’s position on discrimination, please review SBU’s Non-Discrimination Statement and Title IX Notice of Non-Discrimination.

If you have experienced discrimination and wish to file a complaint, please visit SBU’s ReportIt.