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Fuel Up For Finals

Studying for finals in the library this week?  We are open 24 hours and will be handing out healthy late-night snacks on December 12th and December 16th from 10pm-12am to keep you fueled for your study sessions. Come see us

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End of Semester Reserves Notice

All material currently on Reserve will be removed on December 19, 2019.  If you have items that you wish to put on reserve for the Winter session or the Spring 2020 semester, please use the reserves request form.  Personal copies

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Mysteries of the Library Explained

For the uninitiated, the workings of an academic library can seem mystifying and unintuitive, with questions at every turn. Indecipherable acronyms. Complex floor plans. Arcane classification systems.  Hopefully SBU Libraries helped dispel some of the mystery at the recent workshop

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Open Access Journal Launch: Journal of Network Music and Arts

On Thursday, November 21st, 2019 , Stony Brook University alumnae, Sarah Weaver Ph.D, Stony Brook University’s Margaret Schedel along with Stony Brook University Libraries celebrated the launch of the open access journal JONMA (Journal of Network Music and Art). JONMA

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Film Screening in honor of Veterans Appreciation Month

On November 20th faculty, staff and students gathered to watch ‘Eye in the Sky’. This exciting film had us on the edge of our seats. If you missed it, you can still watch it through the library’s streaming video subscription

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Interlibrary Loan provides 4-star service

The University Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan department was recognized again as a Resource Sharing STAR. The department first earned a 4 (out of 4) star rating from the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative in 2017.  The department retained the 4 star rating,

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Thanksgiving Break: Native American Awareness

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of the holiday’s ambivalent impact on Native Americans.  Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving like any other U.S. holiday. Yet, for many Indigenous communities, Thanksgiving is a reminder of loss. Since 1970, the United American Indians

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Dr. Kedar Kirane on Predicting Dynamic Fracture of Fiber Composites to Enable Protection of Army Personnel and Infrastructure

On November 19, Dr. Kedar Kirane presented “Predicting Dynamic Fracture of Fiber Composites to Enable Protection of Army Personnel and Infrastructure” at the University Libraries. Dr. Kirane described 7 mechanical properties of fiber composites that make them useful and viable

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After Hours Help at the Library!

On the evenings of November 19 and November 21, librarians and writing tutors offered drop-in consultations with students who wanted extra support on their research papers. The North Reading Room Learning Lab buzzed with activity as students conversed with tutors

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Student Spotlight – Meet Jennifer Moy

Originally from the Bronx, at the age of fourteen Jennifer and her family relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Jennifer had attended Frank McCourt High School, a small school located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her long commute to school

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