NOVELny Funding Restored

Stony Brook University Libraries (SBUL), on behalf of The New York State Library, are pleased to announce that funding for the NOVELny (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) statewide e-resources was included in the New York State Budget for 2024-2025.  Pending required approvals the current collection of NOVELny statewide e-resources will continue through June 30, 2025 and additional resources will be added.  Please see the complete list below. 

NOVELny is an online virtual library connecting New Yorkers to 21st century information via libraries and library systems statewide.  NOVELny is an electronic resource access project that enables libraries across New York State to give their communities online access to the full text of thousands of journals, newspapers and other references.

NOVELny is important to SBU because it provides many of our incoming students their only access to databases before arriving on campus.  Many school districts across New York State lack the funding to provide access to databases independently.  Without these databases, students across New York State would be unprepared to perform the research expected in higher education.  SBUL is thankful to New York State for securing funding for this important program.

Available Databases

  • Business:
    • Gale Business: Insights (Gale, a Cengage company)
    • Gale Business: Entrepreneurship (Gale, a Cengage company)  NEW!
  • Education:
    • Gale OneFile:  Educator’s Reference Complete (Gale, a Cengage company)
  • General Periodicals:
    • Gale Academic OneFile with Gale OneFile Collections (Gale, a Cengage company) *Gale OneFile: Academic OneFile Select (Gale, a Cengage company) *Gale General OneFile with Gale OneFile Collections (Gale, a Cengage company) *Gale OneFile:  Informe Académico (Gale, a Cengage Company)
  • Elementary Level General Periodicals:
    • Gale In Context:  Elementary (Gale, a Cengage company)
  • Secondary Level General Periodicals:
    • Gale In Context:  Middle School (Gale, a Cengage company)
    • Gale In Context:  High School Edition (Gale, a Cengage company)  NEW!
  • Encyclopedia
    • Encyclopedia Britannica (Britannica Digital Learning, a division of Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.):  Includes Britannica School, Britannica Academic and Britannica Escolar.
  • Health
    • Gale OneFile:  Health and Medicine (Gale, a Cengage company)
    • Gale Health and Wellness (Gale, a Cengage company)  NEW!
  • Issues
    • Gale In Context:  Opposing Viewpoints (Gale, a Cengage company)
  • Job and Career
    • Gale Presents:  Peterson’s Test and Career Prep  NEW!
  • Legal
    • Gale Legal Forms (NYS forms)  NEW!
  • Literature
    • Gale Literature:  Books and Authors  NEW!
  • Newspapers
    • Gale OneFile:  News including The New York Times (Gale, a Cengage company)
  • Technology
    • Gale OneFile:  Computer Science (Gale, a Cengage company)

The databases listed will be freely available to over 5,900 public, school, academic and special libraries currently registered for NOVELny. Please see the NOVELny website for more information and to use the resources. The databases are also available through our catalog.

Abigail Streeter

Electronic Resources Librarian at Stony Brook University Libraries
Ms. Streeter is the Electronic Resources Librarian and serves as Collections Specialist for Arts and Humanities.She specializes in streaming video management.

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Ms. Streeter is the Electronic Resources Librarian and serves as Collections Specialist for Arts and Humanities. She specializes in streaming video management.

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