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Did you know that the Music Library has an extensive collection of LPs available to students along with on-site record players to play them? If you did not grow up collecting vinyl records then you may not realize the amount and variety of audio excellence these records contain – not to mention the artistic glory of the album cover or the hidden depths of a good set of liner notes. There is a whole world waiting to be explored in the LP collection.

To help guide you through all of this, Gisele Schierhorst (head of the music library) and I (head of academic engagement) will be bringing you installments of Vinyl Notes, a sporadic series of videos looking into the hidden gems of the collection with everything from jazz to spoken word to classical to rock.

For this first installment, Gisele has chosen a few records around the theme of Thanksgiving and the range of music that the holiday – and the emotion of gratitude – has engendered over time.

LPs featured:

Chris Kretz

Chris Kretz

Head of Academic Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Chris is the Head of Academic Engagement.
Chris Kretz

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