Dr. Paul Offit delivered! You Bet Your Life: The Long, Risky History of Medical Innovation.

On Monday 20 September 2021, Dr. Paul Offit delivered his lecture You Bet Your Life: The Long, Risky History of Medical Innovation. As this year’s Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecturer, Dr. Offit was able to take attendees through a journey of medical innovation in the United States.

His lecture focused primarily on the advent of vaccines and how regulatory agencies have developed over the years due to the unfortunate risks that have been discovered along the path of medical breakthrough. The presentation took us from Diphtheria to Sars-CoV-2 and emphasized the safety protocols that are in place today.

Dr. Offit’s very interesting lecture and answers to attendee questions can be viewed along with previous year’s Antonija Prelec Memorial Lectures.   The Antonija Prelec Memorial Fund was established in honor of Antonija (Toni) Prelec by her family, friends and colleagues at the Health Sciences Center (HSC) of Stony Brook University. The purpose of the fund is to continue Toni’s pursuit of excellence in medical librarianship and to improve the information services provided by the HSC Library.

Jamie Saragossi

Jamie Saragossi

Interim Associate Dean, Collection Strategy & Management at Stony Brook University Libraries
Jamie is the Interim Associate Dean, Collection Strategy & Management.
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Jamie Saragossi
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