University Libraries Presents: STEM Speaker Series, Dr. Xiaojun Bi

University Libraries is pleased to announce its fourth lecture of the Spring 2018 STEM Speaker Series given by Dr. Xiaojun Bi, Department of Computer Science.

Title: “Computational Interaction in Post-PC Computing”
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 from 1pm-2pm
Location: Special Collections Seminar Room, E2340, second floor of the Melville Library

In the current Post-PC computing era, new computing technologies such as mobile computing, wearable computing, augmented and virtual reality have emerged, which bring wicked challenges to interaction between humans and information technology. To address these challenges, designers must consider a multiplicity of problems from low-level hardware, through software, all the way to human factors. In this talk I will introduce a new perspective, which was introduced in our recently published book Computational Interaction, on how to design software user interfaces and interaction technology. It is an approach that focuses on the use of algorithms and mathematical models to explain and enhance interaction between humans and information technology. I will particularly introduce how to apply this approach to enhance text-based communication on mobile and wearable devices, and solve touchscreen interface design problems.

All are welcome to attend. Please register here and join us for this special lecture.

Clara Tran

Clara Tran

Head, Science and Engineering at Stony Brook University Libraries
Clara is the liaison to the Department of Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and the Women in Science and Engineering program.
Clara Tran
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