Literary Karaoke at the Libraries!

On March 7th, students and faculty members met in the University Libraries’ Center for Scholarly Communication for an hour of literary karaoke in honor of Women’s History Month.  Participants read excerpts from texts written by female authors.  Selections included texts published from the seventeenth through the twenty-first century, as well as many works in translation.  The readings prompted rich discussion and the discovery of some surprising intertextual connections.



Please join the Libraries as we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month:


“Managing Power & Load”: A Primer for Working Women, a Lecture by Dr. Patricia Aceves

March 9th at 1:00


University Libraries Present: Film Screening in Honor of Women’s History Month

March 21st at 2:00


University Libraries Present: Women in STEM: Past, Present & Future

March 28th at 1:00


Kate Kasten-Mutkus

Kate Kasten-Mutkus

Head of Humanities & Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries
Kate is Head of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stony Brook University Libraries. She is the liaison to the French & Francophone Studies program and the Russian Studies program.
Kate Kasten-Mutkus
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