Tech Spotlight: ChemReference

ChemReference is a free online interactive periodic table of elements. Students who are studying chemistry may find ChemReference to be a useful chemistry reference tool to use in their studies. ChemReference was created by Nathan Bookout when he was a university student studying engineering. The website has a clean and user-friendly interface. This tool allows you to quickly look up information about an element. You can click on the element on the periodic table to view its information, or you can type in the name of the element in the search bar. A neat feature is that the search bar comes up with suggestions of possible elements if you misspell the name of the element. When the element is selected, the right side of the page displays information about its properties and orbitals as well as a picture of a Bohr model of its electrons. In addition, links to the element’s Wikipedia page, WebElements page, and Wolfram page are provided at the bottom of the element’s page. ChemReference also has an ions section, where you can find the formulas and charges of monatomic and polyatomic ions. The Resources section of the website has printable periodic tables and links to other useful chemistry sites and tools, such as WolframAlpha, WebElements, ChemSpider, and ChemWiki.


ChemReference can be a convenient web tool for students to use when doing homework for a chemistry class. Check it out at

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