Tech Spotlight: Flashcards by NKO

Flashcards by NKO is a free mobile flashcard app that allows users to create and study virtual flashcards. Students can use this app to study and memorize material for their classes by creating and reviewing flashcards. Flashcards allows you to easily create and customize your own flashcards. You can add text with rich text formatting, such as bold, italics, underlining, highlighting, text color, and text size. You can even add emojis! Another useful feature is that you can add pictures to your flashcards to add visual cues to aid in memorization. The app also allows you to draw your own pictures by using the drawing tool. In addition, Flashcards lets you import pre-made flashcard decks from Quizlet and StudyStack.

Flashcards offers different ways to study your flashcards. You can review your flashcards one-by-one, take quizzes, or play games. The review tools and games use a Spaced Repetition System (SRS) to keep track of your progress of mastering cards. The free version of the app allows you to play 7 games: Match, Memory, Spelling, Q-Battle, True/False, Words, and Flow. Flashcards also has a paid version that allows you to unlock more games and tools. In addition, the app has a “Listen” feature that reads your flashcards from text-to-speech, which may be helpful for auditory learners. The Listen feature can also be used in multiple languages, which may be useful when used for language learning.


Flashcards by NKO can be a handy study tool for when you want to study on-the-go. Flashcards lets you review flashcards on your mobile device offline, so you can still use the app without an internet connection. Flashcards is available as a mobile app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, so it can be used on both Apple and Android mobile devices.

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