Tech Spotlight: Jeopardy Labs

Jeopardy Labs is a website where users can create and customize their own jeopardy game templates for free. Instructors can use this tool to create jeopardy-style games for reviewing material with students during classes, which may be helpful before a test. They can have students play in teams and record the scores using the scorekeeping function located at the bottom of the template. The jeopardy template builder is simple to use. After creating a template, users are provided with a URL that they can use to access and edit it. You can also browse and play jeopardy game templates created by other users on the website. If you find a pre-made template that you like, you can make a copy of it and edit it to make it your own template.



Jeopardy-style games can be used for a wide variety of subject areas. Instructors can use Jeopardy Labs to make review sessions more interactive and fun for their students. Check it out at

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