JULIET & RoMEO: Find Open Access Permissions, Mandates

SHERPA is a scholarly communication partnership based at the Centre for Research Communications, University of Nottingham.  SHERPA offers a number of web services, including JULIET and RoMEO.


JULIET is a search tool for discovering research funders’ mandates for public access and open access. Features include:

  • Quick summary of different funders’ mandates
  • Comparison of mandate details between different funding agencies
  • Clear view of what, where and when material is to be archived
NASA-funded research Open Access policies

NASA-funded research Open Access policies


RoMEO is a search tool for finding publishers’ policies on self-archiving research publications.  Features include:

  • Search by Journal title, publisher, or ISSN
  • Clearly listed and labeled archiving permissions for different article versions
  • Publisher’s compliance with different funder’s mandates
Nature self-archiving and copyright policies

Nature self-archiving and copyright policies

More Information

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Darren Chase

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