Open Access Symposium 2018

Stony Brook University Libraries hosted the 2018 Open Access Symposium on Thursday, October 25 – Friday, October 26.  The Symposium included diverse and engaging panelists and presenters, and featured keynote speaker Heather Joseph, SPARC Executive Director, who shared her perspective on the state of the open access movement, and its enduring values and benefits.  The discussions were thoughtful and lively, highlighting the dynamic points of contact between research, scholarly publishing and higher education, and the ethical underpinnings of open access.  View the OA Symposium 2018 photo album here.

The Open Educational Resources (OER) Colloquium was the kickoff event, and brought together SBU faculty who have received OER Initiative Grant funding, and SUNY librarians who are spearheading OER on their campuses.  The discussion brought into focus the importance of outreach and engagement in leading a successful OER initiative, and the challenges and opportunities of OER for students and faculty.  View the OER Colloquium photo album here.

SBU OA Symposium 2018 Keynote Speaker, Heather Joseph

2018 OER Colloquium

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