Welcome Elisabeth Pankl, Head of Academic Engagement!

Lis Pankl

SBU Libraries is excited to announce the newest member of our team, Elisabeth Pankl, the Head of Academic Engagement. Lis grew up in Washington State and attended Washington State University as an undergraduate. She began her academic career at Louisiana State University Libraries as an Instruction Librarian in 2005 after receiving her MLS from the University of North Texas. In 2007 Lis went to Kansas State University Libraries as a Humanities Librarian. She then became a Faculty and Graduate Services Librarian in 2010. Lis successfully defended her dissertation on Frida Kahlo in November and will receive her PhD in Geography in May from Kansas State University.  In her free time, Lis enjoys yoga, running, and cooking. All the best to you Lis as you begin the newest chapter of your life!


Darren Chase

Darren Chase

Head of Scholarly Communication at Stony Brook University Libraries
Darren is the SBU Libraries head of Scholarly Communication, and library liaison to: the Sustainability Studies Programs; the Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning; and the Department of Theatre Arts.
Darren Chase

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