New Books at Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Information Center

For a long time, due to budget restrictions, we were unable to purchase new books other than the ones for class reserve requested by the faculty of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.     Finally this year, we are able to order some books and we ordered around one hundred marine science books published in recent years.    You are welcome to drop by the MASIC library and see our new collection.   Below is a sample list of book titles received lately:

–  Climate and the oceans by Geoffrey K. Vallis

–  Coastal altimetry by Stefano Vignudelli

–  Dual disasters: humanitarian aid after the 2004 Tsunami by Jennifer Hyndman

–  Ecosystem approach to fisheries edited by Villy Christensen

–  Fish physiology edited by Steve F. Perry, etc.

–  The future of the world’s climate by  Ann Henderson-Sellers

–  Global environment: water, air, and geochemical cycles by Elizabeth Kay Berner

–  Marine conservation ecology by John Roff and Mark Zacharias

–  Numerical techniques for global atmospheric models by Peter H. Lauritzen

–  Remote sensing of the changing oceans by DanLing Tang

–  Sustainable development: environment, energy and water resources by M.K. Ghosh

For a complete list of new titles in our libraries, click here.  For more information on Marine Sciences resources and services, please see the Marine Sciences subject guide.

Janet Clarke

Janet Clarke

Associate Dean, Research & User Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Janet Clarke
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