Computer Graphics Pioneer Wins Kyoto Prize

Ivan Sutherland, considered the “father of computer graphics”, was awarded the Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology by the Inamori Foundation on June 22.

From a recent PC World article:

Sutherland, who is 74 and a scientist at Portland State University, made breakthrough contributions to graphical user interfaces used in most operating systems today, making computers, tablets and smartphones easier to use. His most recognized GUI contribution was through a computer program called Sketchpad, which allowed a pointing device to interact and manipulate visible objects on a computer screen. Sketchpad was submitted as part of Sutherland’s doctoral thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1963.

Sketchpad Demo


Ivan Sutherland profile, Britannica Online

Ivan Sutherland profile, Wikipedia

Dr. Sutherland’s MIT doctoral thesis: Sutherland, I. E. (1963). Sketchpad: a man-machine graphical communication system.

Kyoto Prize

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