Tech Spotlight: One Month

One Month wants to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality with a capsule course model that delivers just enough information at just the right time. The courses are set up so that individuals or teams can, for a small fee and a one-month commitment, achieve a specific goal or project. Their courses seem mostly aimed at the startup set, with offerings like the popular Programing for Non-Programers and business-oriented courses like Developing New Projects. The courses are very results-oriented and are even named for the goal students hope to achieve in the class.


One Month is aimed at startups, but is a good resource for learners who are looking to acquire particular technology skills in a short timeframe and without all the fluff. This could be a great product to help recent graduates preparing to enter smaller companies round out their skills, with business strategy courses for developers and communication-oriented coding courses for non-technical roles.

Laura Costello

Laura Costello

Laura was the Head of Research & Emerging Technologies.
Laura Costello
Posted in Emerging Technology

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