Get a waiver, embargo or addendum for your publisher

According to the terms of SBU’s Open Access Policy  authors may request a waiver of their grant of license to the university on a per article basis, or choose to delay public access to an article.


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A waiver enables an author to opt out of  the open access policy for a particular article. The author’s rights are then limited to what is allowed by the publication agreement signed with the publisher. Often the agreement still allows authors to post a version of the article in their institutional repository. You can look up your publisher’s standard terms on SHERPA/RoMEO if you do not have publishing agreement on hand.
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An embargo delays public access to an article in Academic Commons until a chosen time period has passed after the article is published. The author chooses to retain the rights reserved by the policy, but agrees not to exercise them until the embargo period has passed.
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An addendum can be sent to a publisher by an author who wishes to remind a publisher about the SBU OA policy or to further ensure familiarity with the terms of the policy, but the policy is fully effective without an addendum.

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