Open Access Policy


The faculty, students and staff of Stony Brook University are committed to sharing our research, scholarship and creative work as widely as possible.  Moreover, by adopting this policy and practice our university seeks to a) meet federal requirements that the results of all federally funded research be available to the public, and b) to improve access to the scholarly and creative works of Stony Brook authors. In keeping with that commitment, we adopt the following policy:



Each University author grants to Stony Brook University permission to make available their scholarly articles (and related data, when possible), in any medium, and to exercise the copyright in those articles for the purpose of making their articles freely and widely available in an open access repository. More specifically, each University author retains their copyright and grants to Stony Brook University a non-exclusive license (limited to the purpose of making the work openly available) to works, in any medium, provided that the articles are not sold for a profit, and to authorize others to do the same. The policy applies to works authored or co-authored while the person is a member of the Faculty, a student or a staff member except for any works completed before the adoption of this policy and any articles for which the University author entered into an incompatible licensing or assignment agreement before the adoption of this policy. Authors can request a waiver of the Open Access Policy for any article or work.


The policy in this document extends the same opportunity to all members of the Stony Brook University community who author research and scholarly works (defined herein as “University Authors”). The policy recognizes the value of and supports authors to maintain legal control over their work while making their work freely and widely available to the public. To achieve this, the policy commits University Authors to deposit a version of each scholarly article in a digital repository. The deposited work will be made freely and openly available to the public, unless the author obtains a waiver.


Each University Author who does not permanently waive the license above will provide an electronic copy of the author’s final version of each work no later than the date of its publication at no charge to the Center for Scholarly Communication of the Stony Brook University Libraries in an appropriate format.


The Stony Brook University Libraries will make the scholarly work available to the public in an open access repository (“Stony Brook University Academic Commons”). The policy will be reviewed after three years and a report presented to the University Senate. The policy allows University Authors of scholarly articles to retain copyright and maintain legal control over their research articles while making their work freely and widely available to the public; specifically, this policy commits University Authors to depositing a version of each scholarly article in a digital repository, but reserves for authors the right to choose whether to make that work freely and openly available to the public. The policy also takes the extra step of defining procedures that implement this policy uniformly for all Stony Brook University employees.



Copyright: Rights as defined by US Copyright Law (Title 17 of the United States Code).


Embargo/Delay of Access: The amount of time before a scholarly article will be made available after it is accepted by a publisher. Under this policy, authors may specify an embargo of any length, or honor a publisher’s request for one.


Employees: All faculty, academic appointees (includes academic administrative officers, librarians, residents, interns, and postdoctoral scholars), students who are employed by SBU, staff, and administrators who are paid a salary, stipend, or hourly rate, excluding those holding “Without Salary” appointments, volunteers, and recalls.


Final Version: An author’s final revised version –also known as the accepted manuscript– of a scholarly article, generally post-peer reviewed, but not necessarily the typeset or PDF publisher’s copy, unless allowed by the publisher.


License or Copyright License: A grant of rights made in accordance with Copyright Law (USC Title 17), allowing specified use