Additional Seating & Enhanced Services in the Central Reading Room

During construction, we have added more seating and enhanced services to the Central Reading Room. The CoLA booths, computers, and printers have been moved from North Reading Room to the 1st floor of Central Reading Room.

1st Computers

1st CoLA

Looking for a place to study? We have also added additional seating to the 2nd floor of Central Reading Room and the Main Stacks. Too crowded on the 1st floor of Central Reading Room? Go upstairs to find cooler, quieter, less crowded areas in the library!

2nd seats

2nd Maps and Seats

Keep up to date on the renovation progress and give us feedback at

Laura Costello

Laura Costello

Head of Research & Emerging Technologies at Stony Brook University Libraries
Laura is the Head of Research & Emerging Technologies, and the liaison to the Computer Science and Linguistics departments.
Laura Costello
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