Tech Spotlight: Desmos

Desmos is a company that develops online math tools such as, graphing calculators. The goal of Desmos is to give free access to tools for math and get rid of the high costs of physical calculators, which have been somewhat of a monopoly in our time. Most popular graphing calculators haven’t improved much in the last few years, and most still use disposable batteries instead of rechargeable ones. Desmos is offered for free, and their team is working hard to implement Desmos into schools, and improve the tool to teach higher level math while being interesting and fun.

Desmos is an excellent tool for the future of mathematics, and also offers a change to the market to break the near monopoly held by companies like Texas instruments.  Desmos is still advancing as well by working with teachers and students and work-shopping new programs and lessons for the future. They are also working to implement functions to add accessibility to the blind and visually impaired by using a pad that can render the numbers and graphs in braille. Hopefully with the implementation of Desmos into universities and public schools there will be a rise in the popularity of mathematics and give new life to the field.

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