Library offers complimentary snacks to late night crammers

Songs on the radio might be joyously pronouncing that this is, in fact, “the most wonderful time of the year”, but students know better.  Before those currently enrolled in courses can begin taking part in any sort of holiday cheer, there are finals to be taken and essays to be completed.  For many, this means sleep will be scarce in the PM hours and breaks for well-rounded meals might have to be forsaken.

We here in the Library have been through these stressful times ourselves and witness the struggles undergone by diligent students at the end of every semester.  To show our support for your hard work and dedication, we will be providing light refreshments during our late night study hours.  As many know, the Central Reading Room will now be open 24 hours a day until December 13th, giving those who need study space and computers plenty of time for access.  So for those of you utilizing services within the Melville Library this Monday and Tuesday night, feel free to stop by the Information Desk in the Galleria to pick up some complimentary granola bars and apple juice to help fuel you through the night.  This service will begin at approximately 10PM and will run for three hours both nights.  Get yours while supplies last!  Please remember that food and drinks are not permitted with in the reading rooms.  All snacks should be consumed within the Galleria or the Commuter Lounge.

We realize that this is a small token of kindness in the grander scheme of things.  One breakfast bar, though filling and delicious in its own right, won’t necessarily undo stresses built up all semester long.  Please don’t despair. Know that Stony Brook University offers services throughout campus to help those facing difficult times.  There is a Counseling Center for those seeking guidance and a kind person to listen to your troubles.  An abundance of campus clubs and organizations can be found online for those seeking rewarding social connections with students who share common interests.  A Food Pantry is also available for those who cannot afford nourishing meals on a daily basis.  Everyone has been tested with trying times.  By finding someone to help you through a current struggle, you can see that hardships pass and better times are just around the corner. If you see someone in need, please be a friend to them and suggest any of these helpful campus services!

Best of luck in the coming weeks as you complete your courses! As always, don’t forget to get your read on! #SeawolvesRead


And if you’re still feeling stressed, click here and  be prepared to smile 🙂



Darren Chase

Darren Chase

Head of Scholarly Communication at Stony Brook University Libraries
Darren is the SBU Libraries head of Scholarly Communication, and library liaison to: the Sustainability Studies Programs; the Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning; and the Department of Theatre Arts.
Darren Chase

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