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What is Digital Humanities?

Center for Digital Humanities

Digital humanities (DH) research, practice and teaching inhabit the points of contact between digital technologies and humanities disciplines. University College London Centre for Digital Humanities describes DH practice as an intention “. . . to produce applications and models that make possible new kinds of research, both in the humanities disciplines and in computer science and its allied technologies. [DH] also studies the impact of these techniques on cultural heritage, memory institutions, libraries, archives, and digital culture.”

For more information, see the MLA Guidelines for Evaluating Work in the Digital Humanities and Digital Media.

The Center for Digital Humanities

The Stony Brook University Libraries Center for Digital Humanities is a space for research, teaching, and learning in all disciplines related to the practice of the digital humanities.  The Center is an intellectual meeting place for researchers applying digital practices to humanistic inquiry and for those using a humanistic lens to examine questions related to technology, in all fields.

The Stony Brook University Libraries Center for Digital Humanities is open by appointment.  If you would like to make an appointment, please Contact Us. To view times when the Center is open for brief drop-in consultations, please see our Calendar.


  • Consultations for research and pedagogy 
  • Demonstrations 
  • Research sprints
  • Metadata consultations
  • Scholarly communication and professionalization 


  • To collaborate, consult, and partner with scholars in the digital humanities
  • To provide tools and resources for projects in the digital humanities
  • To provide a nexus for intellectual exchange among scholars in diverse disciplines working in the digital humanities 
  • To foster explorations of the implications of digital humanities praxis for humanistic inquiry, research, teaching, and learning
  • To expand the possibilities for inquiry in the digital humanities, with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity   

The establishment of the Stony Brook University Libraries Center for Digital Humanities was funded in part by a gift from the Gladys Brooks Foundation.

CDH News

  • One Last Data Visualization as an Inaugural CDH Intern - Over the course of this strange spring semester, I have been fortunate to serve as one of the first graduate interns at SBU’s Center for Digital Humanities. Although the many events that had been planned by the library’s DH working
  • Bringing Data Visualizations to the Humanities Dissertation - In my previous posts, I’ve provided an introduction to the field of data visualizations—outlining both what they are and what they are used for. In this post, I discuss what data visualizations have added to my own research before addressing
  • The Value of GIS, Part II - Historians deal with the “where” as much as the “when.” GIS and geospatial analysis provide a suitable platform to tackle the former theme. Yet, GIS remains underdeveloped or absent in history programs. It is strange that history departments have not
  • Information Literacy & the Ethics of Data Visualizations - As part of my internship with the Center for Digital Humanities, I’ll be working on my own project centered around data visualizations. In my last blog post, I provided an introduction to this branch of study, highlighting the explanatory and
  • The value of DH - I owe my interest and experience in the Digital Humanities to a professor who took me under her wing during my undergraduate studies.  By my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to attend graduate school, yet I did not have

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