Keeping the Galleria Green

Green spaces are important to have around and we’re mindful of that every time we walk through the Galleria in the Melville Library on main campus. This is an open and inviting space full of light and sound and the calming presence of some varied plant life that, every once in a while, need some TLC.

We took some time today as a group to tend to our ficus, rubber, peace lilly, and corn plants. Sherry, Chryso, Deborah, Marta, Ahmad, Chris, Hu and Victoria were joined by members of our custodial services Adam, Marzena, Maria, Addie and Lourdes.

In the space of an hour, we got everything pruned, propped up and cleaned up. It made a huge difference and the plants join us in thanking everyone who pitched in!

Chris Kretz

Chris Kretz

Head of Academic Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Chris is the Head of Academic Engagement.
Chris Kretz

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