AI in DEIA: Thinking Beyond the Bias

On March 20th, Dr. Matthew Salzano gave a talk at the invitation of the Libraries’ DEIA Team about artificial intelligence and issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

He delivered a thought-provoking presentation that stimulated a lot of conversation in the room. He detailed some of the well-known and publicized issues around image generators, image recognition, and chatbots. Dr. Salzano also emphasized the need for getting at the underlying structures that enable existing inequality and not just relying on more technology to solve the problems.

Dr. Matthew Salzano speaking in the Special Collections Seminar Room.

Although not an advocate of banning AI use, Dr. Salzano called for a critical participation with it and the issues it raises. He also emphasized the need to have human, messy conversations and arguments in order to further the goals of DEIA.

Chris Kretz

Chris Kretz

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