Subscription to APA PsycTests

Stony Brook University Libraries has a new subscription to APA PsycTests.

APA PsycTests is a database of psychological tests and measures designed for use with social and behavioral science research. It provides test types including test batteries, questionnaires, rating scales, surveys, and much more. Focused primarily on unpublished tests, this database was designed to save researchers time from having to reproduce tests when conducting research on previously measured constructs.

Each record provides a summary of the construct and users can find information on reliability, validity, and factor analysis when that data is reported in the source document. Records include supplemental information such as datasets, answer keys, scoring sheets, and test manuals, when available. Instructors can refer to the record’s Permissions field to easily determine if a test may be used for teaching.

More information can be found here. Users can access APA PsycTests through the A-Z Databases List and through SBU’s catalog.

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