Stony Brook University Libraries’ New Subscription to the New York Times

Stony Brook University has a new subscription to the New York Times website and mobile app. The subscription offers complimentary digital access to the New York Times for all Stony Brook University faculty, staff and students. This powerful digital resource will grant our university community unrestricted access to the renowned journalism and extensive content of the New York Times.

While we previously had access to the New York Times through our databases, this direct subscription offers access through their mobile app, which enhances the user experience and provides additional features and benefits for our university community.

The subscription provides access to:

· 24/7 breaking news

· Archives (dating back to 1851) 

· Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality – found in the App; NYT stories told through enhanced technology

· Daily 360 content – two dimensional, 360° views (with mobile device or using a mouse)

· Podcasts (including The “Daily” podcast)

· All multimedia, including videophotographyVR features, and new multimedia to come.

· Newsletters (there are a variety of topics that you may subscribe to)

· Spanish and Mandarin Chinese versions of 

New users must register with their SBU email address at

Kimberly Kennedy

Content Access and Discovery Librarian at Stony Brook University Libraries

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