New Health Disparities Research Guide

Guest post by Health Sciences Library Intern Sunny Chung

The Health Disparities research guide provides links to healthcare information and resources that can help to reduce health disparities and provide more equitable health care. It contains information about which groups are most affected, statistical resources, diagnostic tools, and covers topics such as racial inequality, COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, and mental health disparities in healthcare. Groups most affected by health disparities are based on: race, ethnicity, immigration status, disability, sex/gender, sexual orientation, geography, income, and level of education. There is some overlap between certain topics due to heir intersectionality. For each topic, there are journal articles, books from the collection, videos, and other web resources.

Image of Health Disparities research guide
Jessica Koos

Jessica Koos

Interim Head of Health Sciences Library at Stony Brook University Libraries
Jessica is the Interim Head of Health Sciences Library. She is the liaison to the School of Medicine, Program in Public Health and the Department of Biomedical Informatics.
Jessica Koos
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